About Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

The workplace demand for digital media

skills—creating, managing, integrating,

and communicating information by

using Adobe’s video, graphic, web,

illustration, or design software—is on

the rise. The ACA certification program

will help educators effectively teach and

validate digital communication skills

while providing students with credentials

that demonstrate real-world prowess to

prospective employers and academic



What are the benefits of becoming

ACA certified?

When someone becomes ACA certified,

it validates their technical abilities and

demonstrates proficiency. Adobe’s ACA

certifications are based on research

about digital communication skills

required by industry, government, and

education. The exam objectives reflect

the expertise needed to be successful

communicators in today’s digital world.


In educational settings, industry-recognised certification programs ensure students and teachers are acquiring the knowledge and abilities valued in today’s workplace.


For institutions seeking to keep curriculum vitalized and relevant, certification plays a critical role in bridging classroom learning to

real world application.


There are six ACA certifications currently


Visual Communication

   Using Adobe Photoshop

Graphic Design & Illustration
   Using Adobe Illustrator

Web Authoring

   Using Adobe Dreamweaver

Interactive Media Communication

   Using Adobe Flash Professional

Print & Digital Media Publication

   Using Adobe InDesign

Video Communication

   Using Adobe Premiere Pro


What is the question format used for ACA exams?

ACA exams validate a test candidate’s knowledge and skill by using two types of questions:

Performance-based questions simulate the Adobe application, requiring the student to complete a task or perform a function.

Linear-based questions use traditional true/false, multiple-choice or matching formats.


These exams that can all be taken at a Certiport Authorised Testing Center (CATC). To learn more about the IC3 program or the locations of the CATCs in Singapore, click here.






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Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) Series

This courseware series have been specially designed to provide the necessary foundation in understanding the modules’ fundamental concepts and skills techniques in demonstrate proficiency in Adobe digital communications tools.


These courseware provide a complete introduction to the modules along with comprehensive studying material align to exam objectives to prepare students for the industry accredited Adobe Certification Associate (ACA) exam(s). These valuable certifications give students the needed edge to jump-start their careers in the digital media and creative industry for careers like visual communication designer, web developer, web publishing specialist, etc.


Practise exercises and real-world examples with step-by-step instructions are included to help student gain mastery and confidence in applying the skills. Upon learning all the skills from each of the courseware, there will be real-world projects designed to help student practice the techniques taught and reinforce their learning. Student will be able to see the results and accomplishments through using the courseware.


The courseware are suitable for classroom-based training for both academic and corporate students as well as individual, self-directed learning.


Courseware Features

Notes -  Indicates an interesting aside about the software, a new way of doing things, or specific information pertaining to the subject being discussed.


Tips - A little-known fact about a feature, a shortcut, or a faster way of performing a task.


Design notes - Give pointers to consider when developing a design.


Reminder - Pointers to bear in mind when using a feature.


Watchpoint! - Calls attention to where things could possibly go wrong.


Watch out! - Highlights a potentially dangerous, or misleading area.


Caution - Alert you to potential software bugs, or problems.


Warning! - Signal a potential disaster awaiting to happen.



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