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Digital literacy is a foundational element of success in today’s technology-driven world. Regardless of your educational goals, career pursuits, or job function, possessing a strong grasp of the digital technologies that drive much of the world is critical.


IC3 certification is an excellent way to tell teachers, potential and current employers, academic institutions, government agencies, and the whole world that you have the digital literacy skills to function successfully, effectively, and productively. IC3 certification is the one credential that applies to whatever direction your education or career pursuits take you.


IC3 Global Standard 4 (GS4) is the newest release in the IC3 family of digital certification exams. GS4 aligns the IC3 standard to the most current and relevant digital literacy requirements, and addresses several new concepts common to digital literacy, such as:


social media


digital devices

research fluency

critical thinking

cloud computing


IC3 certification includes three separate exams:

Key Applications

Computing Fundamentals

Living Online


These exams that can all be taken at a Certiport Authorised Testing Center (CATC). To learn more about the IC3 program or the locations of the CATCs in Singapore, click here.





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IC3 Digital Literacy Certification (IC3)

Solid technical content, powerful graphics and hands-on exercises in these textbooks will provide you with the fundamental knowledge and skills for working with computers.


These textbooks will prepare you for the IC3 certification exams (Key Applications, Computing Fundamentals and Living Online) as the contents maps directly with the exams.


These textbooks are suitable for classroom-based training for both academic and corporate students

as well as individual, self-directed learning.


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CCI Learning is an international Information and Communications Technology (ICT) learning company based in North America. CCI Learning started business in 1988, and today is committed to meeting the worldwide need for digital skills through the use of best of breed curriculum and global standard certification programs.


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